VSmart is a smart vehicle testbed established at the Cyber-Physical System Laboratory (CPS-Lab) in McGill University, and is partially supported by General Motors Company. In VSmart we explore and illustrate the feasibility of V2V communication technology, e.g., DSRC, in enhancing vehicle driving safety and traffic efficiency.

Project team members (in alphabetic order): Xi Chen, Linghe Kong, Xue Liu, Lei Rao, Qiao Xiang and Xuepeng Xu.

For more details, please visit the homepage of VSmart.

Green Charging

The power flow incurred by electric vehicle(EV) and renewable energy are both crucial to the future smart grid. Yet how to integrated them into power systems remains largely unexplored. In the Cyber-Physical Systems Lab at McGill University, we work on developing a series of innovative technology and market strategies to achieve this integration in an efficient, reliable and real-time manner.

Project team members (in alphabetic order): Jing Chen, Xi Chen, Jian Du, Fanxin Kong, Linghe Kong, Xue Liu, Zhonghao Sun and Qiao Xiang.

For more details, please visit the homepage of Green Charging.

In-Network Processing for Wireless Networked Sensing and Control

As wireless cyber-physical systems (WCPS) are increasingly being deployed in mission-critical applications, it becomes imperative to consider application QoS requirements in in-network processing (INP). At Wayne State University, we explored the potentials of two INP methods, packet packing and network coding, on improving network performance while satisfying application QoS requirements.

Project team members (in alphabetic order): Qiao Xiang and Hongwei Zhang.

I worked on this project as my PhD dissertation. For more details, please refer to my dissertation and other publications on this topic.