Articles and Papers

Market Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:

Qiao Xiang, Fanxin Kong, Xi Chen, Linghe Kong, Xue Liu and Lei Rao, 2014. "Auc2Charge: An Online Auction Framework for Electric Vehicle Park-and-Charge". Under review. In this paper we design an online auction mechanism Auc2Charge for the EV park-and-charge operation mode. In this auction, EV users submit and update bids on their charging demand to the charging station, which makes corresponding electricity allocation and pricing decisionsAuc2Charge is truthful and individual rational. It provides an efficient electricity allocation for EV users with a close-form approximation ratio on system social welfare.

Qiao Xiang, Fanxin Kong, Xue Liu, Lei Rao and Xi Chen, 2014. "Green Revenue from Green Energy: A Broker’s Perspective of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations". Working paper. In this paper, we explore an innovative operation mode for renewable energy powered EV charging stations. In this mode, charging stations play the role of brokers. They utilize the demand response of EV users when making operation decisions. We design an online distributed algorithm, GreenBroker, for this mode. ANd it achieves an O(V)-O(1/V) tradeoff between the average delay experienced by EV users and the revenue of charging stations.

Planning, Scheduling and Operation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:

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